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Frustrated with Fragmented Workflows? We Offer Streamlined BIM Solutions.

In today’s competitive construction landscape, fragmented workflows and miscommunication are costly nightmares. At Risentechec, we understand. That’s why we’re not just another BIM (Building Information Modeling) solutions provider. We’re a passionate team of engineers revolutionizing project delivery through a unique, collaborative approach.


Instead of offering siloed BIM services, we take a holistic view. We partner with you from the very beginning, integrating seamlessly with your existing processes and fostering open communication across all disciplines. This collaborative spirit, combined with our expertise in cutting-edge BIM technologies, ensures a smoother workflow, minimizes errors, and ultimately, gets your project completed on time and within budget.

Why BIM is Essential for Your Construction Projects

Architectural Drafting and Detailing

Improved Design Accuracy

BIM models provide a clear and coordinated view ofthe entire project, minimizing errors and rework.

3D Modeling and Visualization

Enhanced Communication

BIM facilitates better communication between architects, engineers, and contractors, leading to fewer mistakes.

Architectural BIM

Reduced Costs

Early clash detection and improved design accuracy through BIM can significantly reduce construction costs.

Revit BIM Services

Increased Efficiency

BIM streamlines project workflows, leading to faster project completion times and improved project delivery

Our BIM Services

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BIM Modeling

We create comprehensive and intelligent BIM models using industry-leading software like Autodesk Revit. Our detailed models encompass architectural, structural, and MEP/HVAC components, easy clash detection and ensuring a smooth construction workflow

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BIM Outsourcing

Free up your in-house resources by leveraging our cost-effective BIM outsourcing services. We will handle all your BIM modeling needs. This includes initial concept design and detailed shop drawings. This way, you can focus on your main project tasks.

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BIM Coordination

We ensure all project disciplines (architectural, engineering, etc.) work together seamlessly by clash detection and maintaining a central information model.

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Point Cloud to BIM

Turn your existing building scans into BIM models for renovations, restorations, or expansions.

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BIM Consulting

Get expert advice on how to integrate BIM into your workflow, maximizing efficiency and project outcomes.

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Fabrication & Shop Drawing

We make detailed 2D drawings from your BIM model. This helps to reduce mistakes and save time.

Your Trusted BIM Consultant for Exceptional Outcomes.

As your BIM consultant, we bring unparalleled expertise in BIM consulting services, guiding you through every stage of your project. Our commitment to excellence and innovation makes us a preferred partner for BIM services in India and beyond

innovative solutions

Innovative Solutions

Staying ahead with the latest BIM technology and methodologies to deliver cutting-edge solutions

Client Centric Approach

Client-Centric Approach

Understanding and addressing your unique project requirements with customized BIM services.


Proven Expertise

A track record of successful projects, showcasing our capability as a leading BIM company.


Seamless Integration

Ensuring smooth collaboration across all project stages, facilitating efficient workflows and communication


Showcasing Our BIM Modeling Services Excellence

Our work samples highlight the sophistication and effectiveness of our BIM modeling services. Explore our portfolio to see the tangible impact of our BIM solutions on various projects, demonstrating our skill in transforming construction processes

Advanced BIM Solutions with Leading Technology

Our technical prowess in BIM services is backed by advanced software expertise. We utilize state-of-the-art tools to deliver exceptional BIM modeling services, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and innovation in every project.

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